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7 Soothing Uses of Topical CBG

Soothe Your Skin: 7 Amazing Benefits of Topical CBG

CBG is the cannabinoid at the heart of cannabis benefits and effects. As the source molecule, the cannabinoid that can mature into all other cannabinoids, it shares some already known benefits from each studied child. It can provide euphoria but is not psychotropic.
It has been reported to reduce inflammation and ease muscle aches. CBG has been studied as a natural antibacterial and has been used to soothe skin rashes and redness.
While CBG is popular to ingest through vaping, edibles, or tinctures, it can also be a soothing agent in various topical products. CBG can be found in lotions, sports ointments, joint creams, bath oils, and more. One of the great things about topicals is that the effects are localized to the application area. This allows you to focus the CBG on just one skin patch or the muscles and joints underneath.
There are some beneficial and enjoyable ways to use topical CBG to explore based on your preferences and needs.

CBG Hydrating Skin Health

Hydrating Skin
CBG lotion is both soothing and nourishing for your skin. Hemp seed oil has been a favored cosmetic ingredient for decades, providing a cleansing, nutrient-rich, and pore-friendly oil base for many lotions, serums, and creams. CBG has often been reported to reduce inflammation.
If you experience this effect, it could reduce puffiness and minimize blemishes or redness. The regulatory effects of cannabinoids may also balance your sebum production and assist with cellular turnover to keep skin fresh.
Combining hemp seed oil and CBG provides a rewarding mix of cannabinoids and nutrient-rich moisturization for your skin. CBG Topical lotions are often blended with holistic therapeutic ingredients like lavender chamomile, providing a lovely scent and natural medicinal properties.

Balm for Redness and Skin Inflammation

Skin redness: Topical CBG
Skin redness and inflammation often leave you feeling tender and with visible blotchiness. Many cannabis topicals are designed to help you reduce redness and ease inflammation. CBG, the root of cannabinoids, has been studied to produce similar inflammation reduction results as other popular cannabinoids.
CBG topical ointments, balms, and soothing lotions are often designed to help deal with redness and tender inflammation. Always be careful, however, about the difference between red, delicate skin that needs refreshing moisturization and exposed-abraided skin that should be treated with a triple antibiotic ointment and bandaged for safe healing.
Some irritation or swelling is very common with new tattoos, and creams are essential for your tattoo aftercare. CBG tattoo creams are a perfect solution to soothe and hydrate the area and help keep your new ink crisp and colorful.
Some find it handy to keep a bottle of CBG oil. While each person responds to CBG a little differently, it can be used to address several forms of mild skin irritation, redness, or swelling.

Soothing CBG Shampoo and Conditioner Blends

A girl washes her hair with shampoo
Those who struggle with an itchy or inflamed scalp may try CBG oil as a soothing topical or blended with shampoo and conditioner products. Scalp conditions can be quite frustrating because cosmetic suites often forget therapeutic shampoo. But you don’t have to wait for someone to make CBG shampoo to try it.
A little CBG oil blended with a carrier oil on your scalp is a great test to see if your symptoms change or if tender inflammation reduces. If this is a success, you can make your own CBG shampoo and conditioner using DIY cosmetics methods – or just by adding a few drops to a palm of conditioner with each shower and letting the blend set on your scalp.
If CBG works for your scalp condition, it or a similar cannabinoid blend may become a great additional solution to a long-term scalp care routine. If it works for you, you might start growing your source of CBG, if legal in your area, for homemade cosmetics and more.

Reduce Muscle Aches and Exercise Recovery Time

Young athletic woman with perfect body doing crossfit exercises with a rope in the gym.
Athletes and those whose jobs or hobbies involve serious physical labor have been exploring sports applications for non-psychotropic cannabinoid use. Topical CBG and CBD are extremely popular for their qualities that can purportedly reduce muscle inflammation before extreme muscle fatigue sets in.
Each athlete may report a slightly different absorption or recovery time. These effects have been widely reported. CBG is now often used both by athletes and working people after a tough physical day.
CBG has been used by athletes who report shorter recovery time and less intense muscle aches after strenuous training and the ability to reduce muscle aches locally by applying a CBG cream or sports ointment. You may also find that CBG is an enjoyable way to boost your ability to enjoy exercise both before and after the fact by preventing muscles from swelling to the point of tenderness.

Relaxing CBG Bath Oils

Want to enjoy Topical CBG for your whole body? Add a little CBG oil to your next warm bath. CBG bath bombs, bath oil beads, or even just a few drops from a dropper bottle can enhance any bath with CBG’s soothing and relaxing effects. Combined with aromatic essential oils, herb pouches, and magnesium bath salts, you may find that both discomforts simply float away.
CBG blended with a soothing bath mix can enhance skin health and your pervasive muscle comfort. While Topical CBG are less likely to affect internal systems like your digestion or respiratory system than other methods, a warm CBG bath can help soothe muscles throughout your body. It may relieve things like menstrual cramps or backaches that are otherwise hard to target with heat and holistic remedies.

Reduce Painful Swelling in Localized Areas

Sprained ankles, bruised shins, pulled muscles, and certain medical conditions often come with an area of painful or tender swelling. Your job becomes treating the area to reduce and manage swelling in any way you can. This usually involves ice, compression, and elevation. However, cannabinoids in general and CBG in specific have been studied on their qualities for reducing inflammation and easing the symptoms of swelling.
You may find that a topical CBG ointment or lotion can help to manage the swelling. Applying CBG oil to a specific area can target any experienced inflammation reduction. This isn’t just for joints and athletes. You can also apply CBG to bruises, sprains, and other injuries where the skin is intact.
If there is broken skin, only apply topical CBG to the area around the wound. The wound itself should be treated with ointment and a bandage.

Ease Joint Pain and Inflammation

Lastly, many seniors have explored topical CBG as a solution to joint pain and inflammation. You may find that CBG has a beneficial effect on conditions that either cause or result in inflammation and joint pain. Apply CBG ointment or a CBG-rich lotion to the area where you experience inflammation; otherwise, continue your day as usual. You may notice that you experience less swelling or are less bothered by the tenderness of the affected joints.

Buy or Grow Your CBG with Hemponix

If you’re looking to explore how your body might benefit from topical CBG or are ready to grow your CBG-rich cannabis plants, Hemponix is here to help. Check out our products, and be ready to explore CBG and your preferred methods. If you love a product or strain, consider CBG hemp seeds to cultivate your private source of CBG flower to blend remedies, recipes, and topical CBG.

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