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Valencene is a sesquiterpene, which is a class of terpenes consisting of three isoprene units, known for its presence in the essential oils of various plants, including Valencia oranges, from which it derives its name. Its molecular formula is C15H24. In the context of cannabis, valencene contributes to the aromatic profile of certain cannabis strains, offering a sweet, citrusy, and sometimes woody aroma. It is one of the many terpenes that may influence the entourage effect, a theory suggesting that terpenes work synergistically with cannabinoids to modulate the overall psychoactive and therapeutic effects of the plant. Valencene has also been studied for its potential biological activities, including anti-inflammatory and insect repellant properties, although its specific effects when derived from cannabis remain an area of active research. The presence of valencene in cannabis is of interest not only to cultivators and breeders aiming to develop strains with particular sensory attributes but also to researchers investigating the complex pharmacological interactions within the plant’s phytochemical repertoire.

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