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Alpha-Phellandrene is a monocyclic monoterpene characterized by a distinctive twin cyclic structure, consisting of two linked cyclohexene rings. It is one of the many terpenes produced in the glandular trichomes of cannabis plants, contributing to the complex aroma profile of different cannabis strains. The presence of alpha-phellandrene is often marked by a peppery, minty, and somewhat citrusy fragrance, which can influence the perceived flavor and therapeutic effects of cannabis. Chemically, alpha-phellandrene is known for its reactive double bonds, which are implicated in its interaction with the human endocannabinoid system and potential synergistic effects when combined with cannabinoids. In the context of cannabis research, alpha-phellandrene is of interest for its potential anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and gastroprotective properties. Its role in the entourage effect—a theory suggesting that terpenes may modulate or enhance the effects of cannabinoids—is an area of ongoing research, with implications for the development of cannabis-based therapeutics and the understanding of strain-specific effects.

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