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  • 🌿 25% THCA Content: Experience robust potency with a high concentration of THCA for profound relaxation.
  • 🍊 Citrus and Diesel Aroma: Enjoy the unique blend of tangerine and diesel scents that define SFV OG’s inviting aroma.
  • 🌲 Piney Citrus Flavor: Taste the crisp notes of citrusy pine with a sweet diesel finish in every smooth exhale.
  • 🎨 Visually Stunning Buds: Admire the small, dense nugs adorned with olive green leaves, reddish-brown hairs, and a sparkling coat of white trichomes.
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SFV OG THCA Flower: A Quintessential Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Introducing SFV OG, short for San Fernando Valley OG, a distinguished strain from the heart of California’s cannabis-rich regions. Hemponix is proud to present this AAA quality, indica-dominant hybrid that originates from the OG Kush lineage, boasting a potent 25% THCA content. Grown indoors at the esteemed Cali Connection farms, SFV OG is a top-tier selection for those who appreciate a deeply relaxing cannabis experience.

Deeply Relaxing Effects: SFV OG is renowned for its powerful ability to soothe and sedate, making it an ideal choice for evening use. The high begins with a quick onset of relaxation, easing into a comfortable couch-lock that’s perfect for deep thought or a restful night. The experience is rounded out with a pleasant euphoria that uplifts the spirit while the body sinks into tranquility, providing relief from pain and stress.

Rich Aromatic Profile: The aroma of SFV OG is enticing, with fresh notes of tangerines and a subtle diesel undertone that promises a unique sensory experience. The flavor follows suit with a bold citrusy pine that lingers on the palate, complemented by a sweet diesel aftertaste that enhances each exhale.

Exquisite Nug Structure: SFV OG features meticulously formed buds that are both aesthetic and functional. The nugs are small, dense, and dark army green with olive green leaves. Reddish-brown hairs and a fine layer of white trichomes add to its allure, showcasing the quality and care taken in its cultivation.

Why Choose SFV OG at Hemponix: SFV OG stands as a paragon of Indica dominance, perfectly suited for those seeking a potent and immersive relaxation. Its balanced effects make it a versatile strain, effective for easing pain, reducing stress, and fostering a peaceful state of mind. With its prestigious origins and robust THCA content, SFV OG is not just a strain but a premium cannabis experience.

At Hemponix, we are committed to bringing you the finest in cannabis excellence. SFV OG is a testament to our promise, delivering a high-quality, potent, and enjoyable experience that sets a higher standard for indica-dominant strains. Elevate your relaxation routine with SFV OG, and indulge in the profound tranquility that only this iconic strain can provide.

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