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North Canna Co THC Gummies [5mg]


  • 🍓 Strawberry Bliss: Enjoy the sweet and tart dance of sun-ripened strawberry flavor in each gummy, perfect for a delightful treat.
  • 💙 Blue Razz Burst: Savor the tangy and vibrant essence of summer berries with every Blue Razz gummy, offering a refreshing taste.
  • 🍏 Green Apple Zest: Experience the crisp and tangy flavor of a juicy Granny Smith apple, captured in each Green Apple gummy.
  • ⏱️ Fast-Acting Enjoyment: Feel the effects within 15-20 minutes, ideal for a quick and consistent THC experience.
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Hemponix Welcomes North Canna Co.’s 5mg THC Gummies: A Trio of Delectable Flavors

Indulge in Flavorful Delights with North Canna Co.’s THC Gummies by Hemponix: Hemponix is excited to introduce North Canna Co.’s 5mg THC Gummies, available in three tantalizing flavors: Strawberry, Blue Razz, and Green Apple. Each flavor offers a unique and enjoyable experience, combined with the benefits of fast-acting THC for a delightful and consistent effect.

Strawberry – Sweet Sun-Kissed Delight:

  • Taste: Experience the dance of sweetness and tartness, reminiscent of sun-ripened strawberries.
  • Fast-Acting: Feel the effects within 15-20 minutes for a quick and enjoyable experience.

Blue Razz – A Tangy Summer Berry Blast:

  • Taste: Savor the tangy and vibrant flavors that evoke the essence of freshly picked summer berries.
  • Consistent Experience: Relish in the delicious consistency of each gummy, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable session.

Green Apple – Crisp and Tangy Refreshment:

  • Taste: Enjoy the crisp and tangy sensation, like biting into a juicy Granny Smith apple.
  • Mindful Enjoyment: Ideal for first-timers, with a recommended starting dose of 1/2 gummy to gauge tolerance.

Product Description: North Canna Co.’s 5mg THC Gummies, offered by Hemponix, are crafted with all-natural ingredients, ensuring a pure and enjoyable experience. Whether you choose Strawberry, Blue Razz, or Green Apple, each gummy promises a delightful journey with fast-acting effects. These gummies are perfect for both newcomers and experienced users, with clear guidance for mindful consumption.

Embrace the natural and flavorful world of North Canna Co.’s THC Gummies, a perfect addition to Hemponix’s selection of high-quality cannabis products. Dive into the world of delicious and effective THC treats, and let these gummies enhance your moments of relaxation and joy.

Savor the Natural Essence with North Canna Co.’s THC Gummies at Hemponix: Step into a realm of flavor and enjoyment with North Canna Co.’s 5mg THC Gummies, now available at Hemponix. Choose your favorite flavor or explore them all for a varied and delightful cannabis experience.

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