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Hemponix Sleep Gummie with Valarian Root & Passion Flower


  • 🌜 Restful Nights: Embrace tranquility with the perfect blend of Valerian Root and Passion Flower, ensuring peaceful sleep.
  • 🌱 Natural Calm: With 25mg of CBN and herbal ingredients, find natural serenity without any synthetic additives.
  • THC or THC-Free: Choose the formulation that suits you best, with a gentle 5mg Delta 9 THC option for deeper relaxation or a non-psychoactive CBD alternative.
  • 🍇 Tasty & Effective: Enjoy the delightful flavors as you ease into a restorative slumber with Hemponix’s carefully crafted gummies.
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Unwind with Nature’s Best in Hemponix Sleep Gummies

Prepare for a serene slumber with Hemponix Sleep Gummies, infused with nature’s calming agents, Valerian Root and Passion Flower. Available in two distinct formulations, one with THC for those who seek an extra soothing touch, and one without, catering to a variety of preferences and needs.

Key Features:

  • With THC Variation:

    • 5mg Delta 9 THC for a gentle euphoric relaxation
    • 25mg CBN, the cannabinoid famed for its sedative qualities
    • 500mg Valerian Root, a time-honored sleep aid
    • 400mg Passion Flower to enhance sleep quality
  • THC-Free Variation:

    • 25mg CBD for non-psychoactive relaxation
    • 25mg CBN for a restful night’s sleep
    • 500mg Valerian Root for natural calming
    • 400mg Passion Flower for its soothing effects

Why Choose Hemponix Sleep Gummies?

  • Tailored for Your Rest: Select from our THC-inclusive or THC-free options to fit your lifestyle and sleep preferences.
  • Natural Ingredients: We use high-quality, natural ingredients to support a healthy sleep cycle.
  • Convenient and Effective: Each gummy is formulated to provide an optimal dose, ensuring a restful sleep with just one delicious bite.

How to Enjoy:

  • Evening Ritual: Incorporate a Hemponix Sleep Gummy into your nightly routine to signal your body it’s time to wind down.
  • Consistent Dosage: With precise measurements of each ingredient, you can rely on a consistent experience night after night.
  • Sweet Dreams: Enjoy the sweet flavors as you drift off into a peaceful night’s sleep.

Welcome Hemponix Sleep Gummies to Your Nightstand

At Hemponix, we’re dedicated to enhancing your well-being with our carefully crafted Sleep Gummies. Choose the natural way to a restful night with Hemponix, where every product is a passport to tranquility.

Choose Hemponix Sleep Gummies tonight for a smoother journey to dreamland, available with or without THC – because your best sleep is a natural one.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alen Gleisner (Minneapolis, US)

I used to get the CBD gummies that helped me sleep at night... had a better result than this new sleep combo. Did you discontinue the CBD? Couldn't find online.

Bernice Heilman (Pittsburgh, US)
Sleep gummies

I used a whole gummie but made me a little draggy so I am doing a half gummy and seems to be working better..these are without thc

Jeffrey Green (Watertown, US)

Helps me relax for sleeping

Linda Leaks (New London, US)

I am a hard person to get to sleep, so these gummy’s do wonders for me only a few nights I haven’t been able to sleep. Thank you for the gummy’s. They were pretty perfect for me. Thank you.

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