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Granny’s Seasoned THC Pretzels [50pc]


  • 🥨 Flavorful Variety: Choose from Original, Chili Lime, S’mores, and Maple Cinnamon Sugar for a delightful twist on classic pretzels.
  • 🌿 Perfect for Microdosing: Each pretzel contains 1mg of D9 THC, ideal for controlled, enjoyable microdosing.
  • 😌 Relaxing Sensation: Experience the calming and soothing effects, perfect for unwinding after a busy day.
  • 🍁 Quality Infusion: Infused with hemp-derived THC, Granny’s Pretzels combine traditional snack-making with high-quality cannabis infusion.
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Granny’s THC Pretzels at Hemponix: Savor the Tradition of Wellness

Hemponix proudly introduces Granny’s THC Pretzels, a delightful twist on a classic snack infused with the wellness benefits of hemp-derived THC. These pretzels are more than just a treat; they’re a testament to the comfort and care reminiscent of Grandma’s kitchen, combined with a modern approach to cannabis enjoyment.

A Flavor for Every Craving Granny’s THC Pretzels come in a variety of mouth-watering flavors, each offering a unique taste experience:

  • Original: The classic savory goodness, perfect for purists who love the traditional pretzel taste.
  • Chili Lime: A zesty kick of chili paired with the tang of lime, for those who enjoy a spicy twist.
  • S’mores: A sweet escape, combining the beloved flavors of a campfire s’mores in a crunchy pretzel.
  • Maple Cinnamon Sugar: A delightful blend of sweet maple and warm cinnamon sugar, offering a comforting treat.

Crafted for Balance and Enjoyment Each pretzel is carefully infused with 1mg of D9 THC, making them ideal for microdosing. With 50 pieces in each package, Granny’s Pretzels are perfect for those seeking a controlled and rich edible experience. The salty and satisfying flavor, coupled with the perfect crunch, makes these pretzels a delightful choice for any time of day.

  • Relaxing Effects: Enjoy the calming sensation offered by the THC content, ideal for unwinding and relaxation.
  • Quality and Tradition: Granny’s Pretzels are a blend of traditional snack-making art and quality cannabis infusion, ensuring each bite is a delicious journey.

At Hemponix, we’re excited to offer Granny’s THC Pretzels as part of our dedication to bringing innovative and enjoyable cannabis-infused products. Indulge in the nostalgic taste and modern benefits of these pretzels, and experience a new way to embrace wellness and relaxation.

Customer Reviews

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Tiffany Kibwota (Minneapolis, US)
Great Product!

These pretzels are delicious and effective! I like that these are easy to dose with each pretzel containing 1 mg. They give me a nice boost of energy - great for daytime use, socializing, and creativity. I will definitely try these again.

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