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Delta 9 40mg Concentrate Bottle


  • Innovative liquid concentrate producing fast results
  • Quality THC derived from organic seeds
  • Highest legally allowable THC levels per serving
  • Research-backed results for effective relief

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Hemponix Delta 9 40mg Concentrate is one of the most highly concentrated liquid THC-based products on the market. This concentrate creates a power-packed punch of euphoric buzz in one tiny bottle. An intoxicatingly effective formula made from all-natural hemp-derived ingredients. This lung-saving concentrate brings you all the abundant benefits of Federally allowable THC, as detailed in the Farm Bill of 2018. The THC in Hemponix Delta 9 40mg Concentrate is known for producing positive short-term effects. These include increasing your mood and relaxation levels, stimulating your appetite, and reducing your anxiety. It comes in a readily available flavorless liquid formula you can add to your favorite beverage. It absorbs into the bloodstream faster than gummies. Guaranteed to produce the high you seek in little to no time!

Ingredients: Water, Potassium Sorbate, Soapbark Extract, Hemp Extract

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