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Cycling Frog THC Seltzer [5mg]


  • ๐Ÿ’ Wild Cherry Delight: Bursting with bold, juicy cherry flavor โ€“ a silver medalist for fun and taste.
  • ๐Ÿ‡ Tart Black Currant: Dive into a sweet and tart escape, perfect for unwinding without the bloat.
  • ๐ŸŠ Zesty Ruby Grapefruit: A tartly sweet citrus adventure in every can, ideal for laughter-filled gatherings.
  • ๐ŸŽ‰ Buzz Without Booze: With 5mg THC and 10mg CBD, enjoy an uplifting, balanced buzz and say goodbye to hangovers.
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Cycling Frog THC Seltzers: A Refreshing Escape

Dive into the effervescent world of Cycling Frog THC Seltzers, brought to you by Hemponix, and experience a delightful twist on relaxation and fun without the alcohol. Available in three tantalizing flavors – Wild Cherry, Black Currant, and Ruby Grapefruit – these seltzers offer a unique blend of 5mg THC and 10mg CBD per can, ensuring a balanced, uplifting buzz with every sip.

Wild Cherry: A silver medalist at the 2023 LA Spirits “High Spirits” Awards, Wild Cherry is the sessionable hard seltzer alternative bursting with the bold, juicy flavors of wild cherries. It’s crafted to lift your spirits, fill your moments with laughter, and ensure you’re having the time of your life, all while keeping hangovers at bay.

Black Currant: Dive into the sweet and tart world of Black Currant THC seltzer. This hard seltzer alternative is designed to whisk you away from the everyday stresses, letting you unwind and let loose. Enjoy the guilt-free pleasure of sipping on a drink that’s all about fun, without the unwanted calories or bloat.

Ruby Grapefruit: Stock your ice chest with Ruby Grapefruit and watch as it becomes the treasure of your gatherings. With its tartly sweet flavor and a perfect hint of citrus, this seltzer is your ticket to an effortlessly enjoyable time. It’s the sessionable choice for those who love to laugh, unwind, and embark on adventures of fun.

Key Features Across All Flavors:

  • Zero Alcohol: Enjoy a buzz without the booze, hangovers, and unwanted calories.
  • Balanced Blend: With 5mg THC and 10mg CBD, experience a harmonious uplift that’s just right.
  • Award-Winning Taste: Wild Cherry’s accolade attests to our unmatched flavor and quality.
  • Naturally Flavored: Each can is infused with natural flavors for a refreshing, guilt-free experience.

Cycling Frog THC Seltzers at Hemponix: Your Go-To for Good Times

Choose your favorite flavor, or better yet, try them all and discover a new way to enjoy cannabis-infused beverages that are as fun as they are flavorful. Hemponix is proud to offer these innovative seltzers, promising an experience that’s both refreshing and rewarding. Grab a can, kick back, and let Cycling Frog THC Seltzers transform your moments into memories worth savoring.

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