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Hemponix Soothe CBD Gummie [25mg]


  • 🍇 Assorted Fruit Magic: Savor the variety of delicious fruit flavors in each gummy for a delightful wellness experience.
  • 💆 Stress Relief & Relaxation: Each gummy, with 25mg of CBD, aids in reducing stress and promoting relaxation.
  • 🌱 Natural & Pure: Crafted with natural ingredients, ensuring a wholesome and pure CBD experience.
  • 🌈 Daily Health Boost: Perfect for everyday use, these gummies are a tasty and convenient way to support overall well-being.
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Hemponix 25mg CBD Gummies: Flavorful Wellness in Every Bite

Discover the delightful path to wellness with Hemponix 25mg CBD Gummies, a 10-pack of assorted fruit-flavored treats that combine irresistible taste with the numerous health benefits of CBD. These gummies are a testament to our commitment to natural health and well-being, providing a delicious way to experience the potential of CBD.

Taste Meets Therapeutic Benefits

  • Assorted Fruit Flavors: Indulge in a variety of fruit flavors, each carefully selected to offer a delightful taste experience, making your journey to wellness both enjoyable and flavorful.
  • Rich in CBD Benefits: Each gummy contains 25mg of high-quality CBD, renowned for its potential to support stress reduction, alleviate anxiety, promote better sleep, and provide relief from inflammation and pain. Ideal for daily use, these gummies are a convenient way to incorporate the wellness benefits of CBD into your routine.
  • Pure, Natural Ingredients: Crafted with natural ingredients, our gummies are free from artificial additives, ensuring you receive all the benefits of CBD in its purest form.

Enhancing Your Health Naturally

  • Daily Wellness Companion: Hemponix CBD Gummies are designed to fit seamlessly into your health and wellness regimen. Whether you’re dealing with daily stressors, looking for a mood lift, or seeking natural support for recovery and relaxation, these gummies are your ideal companion.
  • Convenient and Discreet: Packaged for convenience and discretion, these gummies are perfect for on-the-go use, allowing you to maintain your wellness routine anywhere, anytime.

At Hemponix, we are dedicated to harnessing the natural power of CBD to enhance your health and well-being. Our 25mg CBD Gummies are a perfect embodiment of this philosophy, offering a delightful and effective way to enjoy the myriad health benefits of CBD. Experience the Hemponix difference today, and embark on a flavorful journey to improved health and happiness.

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Kathryn Wersinger

Was at my house the next day, so the shipping was incredible. I've been using the gummies for my dogs knee pain. It seems to be helping. After 3 days he's putting weight on his leg for the first time in a month. I'll have to see what type of per products there are

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