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Cannadips Sleep Fuel CBN [10mg] Plus Melatonin


  • 🌙 Mint Sleep Fuel: Enjoy the cool serenity of Mint flavor, infused with CBN and melatonin for a restful night.
  • 🍮 Caramel Sleep Fuel: Savor the sweet calm of Caramel, blending delicious taste with sleep-enhancing benefits.
  • 🍑 Peach Sleep Fuel: Drift off with the gentle, fruity notes of Peach, perfect for a peaceful, natural sleep.
  • 💤 Natural Sleep Aid: Each pouch contains 10mg of CBN and 2mg of melatonin, expertly combined to promote restful sleep.
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Introducing CannaDips Sleep Fuel to the Hemponix collection, an innovative line designed to harmonize restful nights with the natural benefits of CBN and melatonin. This unique product line, featuring flavors like Mint, Caramel, and Peach, offers a novel approach to enhancing sleep quality.

CannaDips Sleep Fuel: Your Gateway to Restful Nights CannaDips Sleep Fuel is a groundbreaking product line that combines 10mg of CBN with 2mg of melatonin in each pouch, creating an effective solution for those seeking a natural path to better sleep. This blend is carefully crafted to work quickly and efficiently, ensuring you can ease into a peaceful night’s rest.

  • Mint Sleep Fuel: Experience the cool, refreshing touch of mint as it gently guides you towards a restful sleep.
  • Caramel Sleep Fuel: Indulge in the soothing, sweet notes of caramel as you drift into a tranquil slumber.
  • Peach Sleep Fuel: Let the soft, fruity essence of peach lull you into a serene night’s rest.

With 15 pouches per tin, Sleep Fuel is an excellent addition to your nightly routine, promising a consistent and enjoyable journey to sleep. The Coastal Cowboys of CannaDips invite you to embrace the night with Sleep Fuel, a product line that respects your body’s natural rhythms while providing the gentle push you need towards rejuvenation.

Explore CannaDips Sleep Fuel at Hemponix, where we continue to seek out innovative and natural solutions to enhance your wellness journey. Embrace the night with confidence, knowing you have a natural ally in CannaDips Sleep Fuel, brought to you by Hemponix​.

Customer Reviews

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Madre Villavicencio (Portsmouth, US)
Nerve damage

I am only speaking for myself. I have nerve damage through out my body. The gummies helped reduce the pain. The vape pen helped calm my nerves. Pouches helped me sleep through the nights. Which has been months of little or no sleep. I rather do this over pain meds or sleeping aids. I thank you so much!

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