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Nano THC Shot [10mg]


  • 🌟 Advanced Absorption: Experience faster effects with Nano Emulsification technology, ensuring rapid THC absorption.
  • 🍍🍑 Flavorful Varieties: Choose from Pineapple Raspberry, Ginger, or Passion Fruit for a delicious twist on your THC intake.
  • 📏 Precision Dosing: Each shot includes a built-in meter for accurate microdosing, perfect for tailored experiences.
  • 💨 Quick Onset: Ideal for those seeking a more immediate response compared to traditional edibles, delivering swift bliss with each sip.
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Product Description:

Elevate your wellness routine with Hemponix’s latest offering, the Botany Farms Nano THC Shot. This 2oz beverage shot, meticulously crafted with natural flavors, delivers a precise 10mg dose of nano THC, ensuring a delightful and potent experience.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Nano Emulsification: Utilizes cutting-edge technology to make THC particles smaller, allowing for faster absorption and quicker onset of effects.
  • Precise Dosing: Each shot contains an exact 10mg of nano THC, perfect for consistent and reliable dosing.
  • Flavorful Choices: Available in Pineapple Raspberry, Ginger, and Passion Fruit – each flavor is a journey of its own.
  • Microdose Accuracy: Comes with a built-in meter on the label for ultimate dosing precision.

The Hemponix Advantage:

  • Ideal for those seeking a swift and more immediate effect from their THC consumption.
  • A great alternative to traditional edibles, offering a different and efficient absorption method.
  • Perfect for both new and experienced users who appreciate accuracy and flavor in their THC products.

Usage Instructions:

  • Shake well before use. Consume as desired, measuring your dose with the convenient meter on the label for tailored consumption.
  • Store in a cool, dry place and use responsibly.

Experience the swift and delightful impact of the Botany Farms Nano THC Shot, brought to you by Hemponix – your destination for innovative and quality cannabis solutions. Embrace the future of THC consumption with a shot of flavor and efficiency.

Disclaimer: This product is intended for adult use only. Please consume responsibly and keep out of reach of children.

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