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Baja Ontario D9 THC Gummies [5mg]


  • 🍒 Gigi’s Cherry Pucker: A sweet and sour cherry sensation to pucker up your taste buds.
  • 🍊 Citrus Cooler Juice Box: A nostalgic twist of orange and tangerine for a sun-kissed flavor burst.
  • 🥝 Kiwi Hibiscus: Floral and fruity notes collide for a unique, spa-like refreshment.
  • 🌿 Natural and Mindful: Crafted with all-natural, organic ingredients for a conscientious indulgence.
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Baja Ontario THC Gummies: Savor Every Moment

Hemponix proudly introduces the Baja Ontario THC Gummies collection, your new go-to for moments of leisure and relaxation. With a selection of unique flavors, each gummy is crafted with 5mg of THC and all-natural, organic ingredients. These vegan and gluten-free treats offer 10 servings per package, totaling 50mg of THC, perfect for microdosing your way to a perfect day by the lake or a relaxing night by the campfire.

Gigi’s Cherry Pucker: Unleash the sour, juicy sweetness of natural cherry flavor with every bite. Dubbed as the most fun packaging of the bunch, Gigi’s Cherry Pucker Gummies are ready to accompany you for a night out, packed with a punch of flavor that’s sure to enliven your taste buds.

Citrus Cooler Juicebox: Evoke the nostalgia of childhood with the tangy tangerine juice and zest of orange peel. These gummies are like a ray of citrus sunshine, promising to deliver a refreshing experience that’s as delightful as your favorite third-grade juice box.

Kiwi Hibiscus: Dive into the soft and floral notes of hibiscus with a gentle kiwi undertone. A taste reminiscent of an exquisite spa water, these gummies provide a sweet and sour flavor profile that’s as sophisticated as it is enjoyable.

Flavors for Every Adventure: Whether it’s the tart Cherry, zesty Citrus Cooler Juice Box, or the delicate Kiwi Hibiscus, Baja Ontario THC Gummies offer a flavorful escape. Perfect for enhancing a serene day by the water or adding warmth to an evening filled with music, these gummies are your ticket to savoring life’s simple pleasures.

Enjoy Responsibly with Hemponix: As delightful as these gummies are, remember to enjoy them responsibly. Not suitable for those under 21, and always avoid operating motor vehicles under the influence of THC. Baja Ontario THC Gummies are not just a treat for the senses but a responsible choice for discerning consumers looking for quality and flavor in their cannabis experience.

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