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Baja Ontario D9 THC Chocolate Bar [5mg]


  • 🔥 S’mores Chocolate Bar: Gourmet milk chocolate with a campfire twist of marshmallow and graham.
  • 🍑 Peach Cobbler White Chocolate Bar: Sweet peach and creamy white chocolate with a hint of cobbler crumble.
  • 🍒 Milk Chocolate Covered Cherry Bar: Juicy cherries draped in silky milk chocolate for a classic indulgence.
  • 🍫 Luxurious Dosage: Each square delivers a precise 5mg of THC, ensuring a controlled and enjoyable experience.
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Baja Ontario THC Chocolate Bar Collection: A Trio of Decadent Flavors

Hemponix is delighted to offer a delectable selection of Baja Ontario THC Chocolate Bars. Indulge in a gourmet cannabis experience with three luxurious flavors: S’mores, Peach Cobbler White Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate Covered Cherry. Each bar is carefully divided into 10 squares, with each square delivering 5mg of THC for precise dosing and a total of 50mg THC per package.

S’mores Chocolate Bar: Embrace the nostalgic warmth of a campfire treat with the S’mores Chocolate Bar. Crafted with gourmet milk chocolate, real dehydrated marshmallows, and golden graham cracker crumbs, this bar is an homage to the classic fireside dessert. “Oh my god. There are real chunks of marshmallow,” raves the Baja Tasting Critic, capturing the authentic taste of s’mores in every bite.

Peach Cobbler White Chocolate Bar: Savor the flavors of Southern hospitality with the Peach Cobbler White Chocolate Bar. This inventive creation combines the sweet, tangy essence of peach with the rich, creamy delight of white chocolate, reminiscent of the beloved homestyle dessert. With a crumble of cobbler and a whisper of cinnamon, it’s a unique twist on tradition.

Milk Chocolate Covered Cherry Bar: Delight in the classic combination of rich milk chocolate and sweet, tangy cherries with the Milk Chocolate Covered Cherry Bar. Every square offers the lush taste of ripe cherries enveloped in smooth, creamy chocolate, creating a harmony of flavors that’s sure to satisfy any chocolate aficionado.

Enjoy Responsibly: Perfect for a serene day by the lake or a soothing evening with acoustic melodies, these THC chocolates from Baja Ontario elevate any setting. Please enjoy responsibly, keeping in mind that these treats are not for those under 21, and do not operate a motor vehicle after indulging.

With Baja Ontario’s THC Chocolate Bars, available at Hemponix, you’re not just choosing a treat; you’re embracing an experience. Choose your favorite flavor or explore all three for a diverse journey through taste and relaxation.

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