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Our Growing Process

We use custom-built aeroponic technology to produce stable, high quality plants.

Our Process

The Art of
Vertical Farming

We’re growing with aeroponic technology. Aeroponics is an advanced form of hydroponics first conceptualized by NASA for growing plants in space. Since then, it has made its way to Earth as an innovative method of producing precisely controlled, high quality crops. Our plants are grown on A-Frames with a built in computer system to read and regulate every detail of the crop, including fertility, pH levels, light cycles, and environmental conditions. These systems use an “arm” to spray the roots of the plant with a nutrient rich solution that is catered to the plant’s specific stage in the growing process. This personalized fertilizer mix is monitored and distributed by commands and can be altered at any stage of the growth. 

vertical farming

The Benefits

Because our method eliminates dirt, the roots of each plant sit in an oxygen rich environment all of their life. This provides the plant with two things necessary to thrive: an abundance of oxygen to build healthy roots below ground, and carbon dioxide to supplement a strong plant above ground. Our facility gives the plant the best of both worlds. Along with proper nutrient monitoring, we have also put in place a number of proprietary practices to insure disease resistance, consistency and root health.

Strong Stalk

Not only does each plant recieve an abundance of nutrients to build a strong stalk, but we have engineered the nodes to grow closer together. This gives the stalk more stability to support its own weight.

Healthy Roots

It all starts with the roots. Healthy roots are key to support healthy plants. Aeroponics allows the roots of each plant to be suspended in the air where the nutrient laden mist is delivered directly to them for maximum nutrient absorption.

98% less water

Our system delivers the perfect amount of water directly to the roots, so there’s no water (or nutrients) going to waste. This method drastically reduces water usage as well as runoff.

300x less land

We have redefined indoor farming. Because we are able to optimize our vertical space, we can produce the same yield as over 150 acres of field! Plus, we can grow all year round!

No pesticides

Creating a closed & controlled environment for our growing eliminates the need for harmful chemicals like pesticides and herbicides.

The result? Reliable seeds with a proven track record.

Aeroponic growing allows us to maximize nutrient absorption and generate more resilient, low potency, higher yielding, and reliable products, all year round. Our cultivars have a proven track record of compliance, feminization, and cannabinoid levels.

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