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How to Safely Ingest CBG with Respiratory Concerns

Cannabis has been found to provide many positive experiences ranging from boosting your mood to soothing discomforts. The most popular ways to enjoy cannabis are smoking and vaping. This is true of almost all cannabis variants, including CBG.

CBG has been called the “mother of all cannabinoids” because THC, CBD, and all the rest develop from CBG-A in the cannabis plant during the maturation process. CBG has benefits similar to primary cannabinoids, including interaction with both receptors in the endocannabinoid system but without psychoactive effects. This has made CBG very appealing to those seeking cannabis for medical reasons. Still, it also introduces real consideration: Can you safely ingest CBG if you have respiratory concerns that prevent you from smoking or vaping?

Absolutely. Modern cannabis products and CBG production allow you to enjoy several ways to ingest CBG that are easy on your respiratory system.

The Burgeoning Benefits of CBG

Cannabis plants in a greenhouse

CBG is made from young cannabis plants that are still rich in CBG-A and by cultivating high-CBG strains. While studies of CBG are still new, it has been found to reflect many – if not most – of the therapeutic benefits of both THC and CBD. CBG interacts with the CB1 receptors in the brain and nervous system and the CB2 receptors in the immune system and throughout your body tissue. It is not psychoactive, but it does provide a mood-lifting euphoria.

CBG Isolate vs. Full-Spectrum CBG

There are many ways to ingest CBG, starting with your choice of full-spectrum CBG vs. CBG isolate. This allows you to seek an entourage cannabis experience or pursue just the specific benefits that you prefer in CBG alone.

Desired Effects and Side-Effects of CBG

CBG effects on the body have been reported to be positive overall, though every person metabolizes CBG differently. You may find that CBG reduces inflammation, levels out your mood, and may even be notably antibacterial. CBG side effects include the usual effects of cannabis, including sleepiness, hunger, and dry mouth or dry eyes. In the case of sleepiness or hunger, this may be considered a perk for those looking to sleep better or enhance their appetite.

Fortunately for those with respiratory problems, there are many ways to enjoy the benefits of CBG without harshing your throat or lungs.

Explore the Flavors of CBG Edibles

Vegan homemade Chocolate Ball with cannabis leaves and seeds

Edibles are the most popular medical solution to enjoying cannabis because they are very gentle on the body. Edibles are not inhaled at all (except figuratively, if you are very hungry), and they have a very soft “lift-off” and “landing” experience no matter what type of cannabis you choose.

Edible CBG-infused snacks come in all types and flavors. There are tasty baked goods, sugary gummies, and even things like cooking oil so you can make CBG meals at home. Edibles metabolize slowly in your body based on your stomach fullness and your metabolic rate. You will start to feel the effects between 15-45 minutes after ingesting the CBG, and the effects can last for 2-6 hours as the cannabis processes slowly through your system.

Edible CBG also has a more holistic effect, reaching CB2 receptors throughout your body as the CBG is released into your bloodstream along the digestive tract.

Sip CBG from Infused Beverages

You can also enjoy CBG-infused beverages. Canna-beverages are becoming incredibly popular, with CBD drinks leading the way as a favorite approach to staying comfortable all day in a low-key way. As CBG takes a more prominent place in the market, you will find an increasing number of teas, sodas, and infused smoothies available as a fun new way to ingest CBG.

On an empty stomach, CBG beverages metabolize a little faster than snack edibles because your body doesn’t have to break them down as solid food. You can maintain your desired CBG effects by sipping a lightly infused drink.

You Might Gentle Your Smoke with CBG Vape

Suppose your respiratory concerns are mild. You may find that switching from smoking to vaping is enough to ease your issues. CBG vape is far less harsh than smoke.

It typically does not burn the throat or lungs and does not carry carbon particles into the lungs. Many with respiratory problems have found that vaping is non-irritating to delicate tissue.

That said, it depends on the troubles you are addressing. Vape can dry out your membranes, and it also can expand with surprising rapidity in the lungs. So be careful. If vaping isn’t for you, fortunately, there are many other ways to ingest CBG that are 100% inhalation free.

Drop a CBG Tincture Below Your Tongue

Tinctures are one of the more mysterious ways to ingest CBG. A tincture is a historical formula using alcohol-based extraction to create an herbal concentrate. When used with cannabis, you can create a delicious, flavored dropper that is absorbed under the tongue. Tinctures are an interesting, not-quite-edible option.

A CBG tincture works by taking a small amount in a dropper and dripping one or two drops under your tongue. Wait 5-30 seconds while the cannabis absorbs into your mucus membranes (similar to an smokable absorption type). Then swallow the flavored drops to metabolize the rest as a liquid. This combines the fast absorption of the thin blood barrier in your mouth and the longer absorption cycle of an edible or infused beverage.

Apply CBG Topically to Your Skin

Cream medicinal cannabis hemp and leaf cannabidiol. How to Safely Ingest CBG

A CBG topical is CBG isolate or CBG oil infused into a skin cream. CBG lotion and ointments reduce discomfort in specific areas of the body. CBG topicals have been used to reduce inflammation, ease joint pain and muscle aches, and help with skin conditions.

While studies on the definite benefits of CBG are still in the early stages, CBG does seem to reflect many of the benefits of topical CBD. We can, however, confidently report that products made with cannabis oil or hemp seed oil are known to be very nourishing for your skin without blocking pores.

Grow Your CBG

Did you know that you can also become your CBG source? If you have a green thumb, planting high CBG strain cannabis can allow you to grow your CBG plants and experiment with even more ways to ingest CBG without smoking it. Those with respiratory concerns and other restricting health problems often benefit from taking matters into their own hands.

CBG strains are cultivated to produce more CBG-A and to process less of the original molecule onto the later cannabinoids. Harvested early in the plant’s lifecycle, you can also get more CBG from each cannabis flower.

Once you have a CBG flower of your own, you can infuse your cannabutter or cooking oil to make edibles at home. You can infuse milk to make CBG beverages like tea, smoothies, or protein shakes. You can blend your CBG topicals like skin cream or bath oils if you make your cosmetics.

Ways on How to Safely Ingest CBG with Hemponix

If you want to explore CBG without risking your respiratory system, Hemponix has everything you need to begin a safe and soothing exploration. From CBG gummies and tinctures to CBG topicals, you don’t have to smoke or vape to enjoy the full benefits of CBG in your endocannabinoid system.

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