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Terp Sauce

Terp sauce, also known as terpene sauce, is a cannabis concentrate that is highly valued for its rich flavor and aromatic profile. It is characterized by a high concentration of terpenes, which are the compounds responsible for the plant’s smell and flavor, as well as its therapeutic properties. The production of terp sauce involves a meticulous extraction process that preserves these volatile compounds. This is typically achieved through a method known as live resin extraction, where freshly harvested cannabis is flash-frozen to retain its terpene profile before the extraction process begins. The resulting product is a viscous, often sappy substance that contains a spectrum of cannabinoids and a high terpene content, which can exceed 20% by weight. This potent and aromatic concentrate is often consumed through dabbing, a method of vaporization, allowing users to experience the full flavor profile and potential entourage effects, where the combination of cannabinoids and terpenes may work synergistically to enhance the overall effects. Terp sauce is particularly sought after by connoisseurs and patients who appreciate the nuanced flavors and potential therapeutic benefits associated with its diverse terpene composition.

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