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Psychoactive substances are chemicals that, when taken into the body, can lead to alterations in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, or behavior. These substances exert their effects by interacting with the neurochemistry of the brain, particularly by influencing the neurotransmitter systems. The range of psychoactive compounds is broad, encompassing legal substances like caffeine and alcohol, prescription medications such as antidepressants and anxiolytics, as well as illicit drugs like cannabis, MDMA, cocaine, and LSD. The impact of psychoactive substances on the human mind and behavior has been a subject of considerable interest and research within the fields of psychology, psychiatry, neurology, and pharmacology. Their use can have therapeutic benefits, such as in the management of mental health disorders, but can also lead to adverse effects, addiction, and social and legal issues. The study of psychoactive substances is complex, involving an interdisciplinary approach that considers the pharmacokinetics (how the body processes the substance), pharmacodynamics (the substance’s effects on the body), societal context, individual differences in response, and the potential for abuse and dependency.

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