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Live rosin

Live rosin is a type of cannabis concentrate that is highly prized for its purity, potency, and flavor. It is produced through a solventless extraction process that begins with fresh, undried cannabis plants, which are frozen immediately after harvest to preserve the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. This technique is known as “live” processing. The frozen plant material is then subjected to a mechanical process involving heat and pressure, which separates the resinous trichomes from the plant material. The result is a sticky, sappy substance that retains a high degree of the plant’s original flavor profile and aromatic properties. Unlike other concentrates that may use chemical solvents for extraction, live rosin is considered a cleaner and more natural product, as it avoids potential solvent contamination. It is favored by cannabis connoisseurs and medical patients alike for its effectiveness and the entourage effect that comes from its complex chemical composition. Because of its solventless nature and the labor-intensive process required to produce it, live rosin is often more expensive than other types of cannabis concentrates.

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