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The term “Indica-dominant” refers to a classification of cannabis strains that are primarily influenced by the genetics of the Indica variety of the cannabis plant. Cannabis Indica is one of the two major types of cannabis, the other being Cannabis Sativa. Indica-dominant strains are characterized by their physical effects, which tend to be more sedative and relaxing. These strains are often sought after for their ability to help alleviate stress, anxiety, and chronic pain, and are typically recommended for evening or nighttime use due to their deeply relaxing effects. The physical appearance of Indica-dominant plants usually includes shorter, bushier growth with broader leaves compared to their Sativa counterparts, which are taller and slimmer with narrower leaves. The buds of Indica-dominant strains are generally dense and compact. Additionally, these strains may have a higher concentration of CBD to THC compared to Sativa-dominant strains, although this can vary widely between individual strains and breeders. Indica-dominant strains are also known for their earthy, musky, and sometimes sweet flavor profiles. In the context of medicinal and recreational cannabis use, understanding whether a strain is Indica-dominant is important for predicting its potential effects on the user.

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