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Our Calculated Genetics

We employ a precise testing and selection process to determine the best possible genetics.


A Fresh Approach

Our extensive background in the seed industry exposed a gap in the hemp industry. Hemp cultivars on the market for cannabinoid production are in need of significant refinement to insure farmers a high yielding, consistent plant. As a result, the industrial hemp industry is putting out seeds with trait instability. Some instabilities include traits such as height, cannabinoid profile, yield, disease resistance and maturity date. This makes it extremely challenging to produce reliable products. However, Hemponix is different. We conduct rigorous testing in-house and employ a methodical selection process to determine the contents of our genetic material.

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The Selection Process

At Hemponix, our seeds go through a very close observation process. Any plant that doesn’t meet test requirements or exhibits undesirable physical characteristics, is discarded. Most importantly, we conduct PCR testing on the plants while they’re young for gender, CBD markers, and THC markers.

A CBD hemp plant has the potential to produce THC and become a “hot” plant (when the THC levels exceed 0.3, the legal limit). Any plant that contains the DNA marker to produce THC is also discarded.


Harvesting Process

The process of harvesting the seeds from the plants has been specialized by Hemponix. Our harvesting process uses special equipment that handles each seed with care. We avoid the use of steel throughout the entire process. Steel equipments has the potential to scuff and crack the seed coatings.

Disease Resistance

Our facility is completely isolated from the outdoors and all inputs are controlled by technology. Seeds are discarded that show a tendency to be susceptible to powdery mildew, root diseases, leaf diseases, or male tendencies. Hemponix takes the time to make sure the seed you get has been produced from premium plants.

We strive to provide support in this new & emerging industry.

The current market is in shortage of high quality, stable seed with elite agronomic traits and predictable cannabinoid production. We work hard to achieve the level of quality required for a competitive market. And we do it without the risk of producing high levels of THC levels (that would disqualify those products for harvest). As the hemp industry continues to grow, so does the need for elite and reliable genetics. In short, our goal is to develop quality, stable genetics that cultivate a hemp seeds that farmers can rely on.


The cannabis plant tends to produce higher levels of THC in the last 4 weeks of its maturity. However, Hemponix has shortened that interval. We conduct our testing even closer to harvest date to ensure compliance. Now we can confidently say that we consistently receive results below .1%. We have even received tests as low as .0375, .05, and .087% THC levels. These levels were tested at just 10 days before harvest, while the industry standard is to test 30 days before harvest. Put simply, this guarantees growers the peace of mind that our plants will never go “hot”. Our goal is to stabilize a CBG-dominant line and with refined basic agronomic traits like maturity date, height, and internode spacing. CBG plants have a lower risk of going hot when compared to CBD, making them a much better option for compliant farmers.

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