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How CBG Products Can Help Improve Your Sleep

How CBG Products Can Help Improve Your SleepSleep is necessary for our everyday functioning. Unfortunately, for many individuals, falling asleep at a reasonable hour and getting a deep, refreshing sleep all through the night can be difficult. Sleep deprivation ultimately results in sluggishness, fogginess, and decreased productivity during the day. Worse, lack of sleep has been connected to seven of the top fifteen causes of mortality in the United States. 

Many Americans are turning to low-risk natural medicines, such as full-spectrum hemp ingredients, to fight this rising problem. Before you go to lengths to seek a solution to sleep better, consider looking into natural remedies.

Many of the most beneficial solutions to help sleep are plant-based and holistic! You’ve definitely heard of CBD (the hemp-derived component that swept the country around 2018) since it’s one of the most renowned health products available in the market. 

Even so, the latest astounding ingredient harnessing recognition, from coast to coast, is also obtained from hemp: CBG. Should you use CBG for sleep? This article will address that question and provide further information on CBG. Read on to find out.

What Is CBG?

CBG is an abbreviation for cannabigerol, a cannabinoid in marijuana and hemp. CBG is a cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant. It’s known as the “mother of all cannabinoids.” This is because other cannabinoids are formed from cannabigerol acid (CBGA), an acidic version of CBG. 

The distinction between hemp and marijuana is in how each plant processes CBG. Marijuana plants produce more of the enzymes that turn CBG into THC, whereas hemp plants produce more of the enzymes that turn CBG into CBD.

CBG is present at lower concentrations in cannabis plants than other cannabinoids. Only 1% of CBG may be found in most plant strains, compared to 20 to 25% of CBD or 25 to 30% of THC. Before we detail what CBG can achieve, it’s critical to grasp the differences between CBG and other cannabinoid compounds.

How Do CBD and CBG Differ?

How CBG Products Can Help Improve Your Sleep - CBG vs CBD, Cannabigerol vs Cannabidiol

CBG and CBD are often compared since they have numerous similarities and both work on the endocannabinoid system. As previously stated, CBG contributes to the production of CBD; thus, while they are both cannabinoids, they are distinct substances within the cannabis plant. CBG and CBD do not bind to the same receptors in the body and have molecular differences.

Like its well-known relative (CBD), CBG is legal, all-natural, non-addictive, and free of psychoactive side effects, which means it will not get you high. Although this may disappoint some, it makes CBG more accessible and helps cannabis gain traction in the mainstream media. People can take CBG throughout their regular working days or school-related activities to gain mental perks without becoming high.

How Do CBGA and CBG Compare?

CBG is a non-acidic derivative of CBGA. When exposed to light and heat, CBGA turns into CBG. Around the third week of blooming, CBGA appears in flowering hemp plants. The CBGA molecule changes into THC, CBD, or CBC as the plant is exposed to more UV rays. 

The result of the converting cannabinoids is determined by which enzyme is accessible during the conversion of CBGA. Growers must harvest their crops before they change into other cannabinoids to generate more CBG from hemp plants.

How Does CBG Work?

CBG acts flawlessly in the human body because it blends into the structure of how our endocannabinoid system operates. CBG molecules bind to cannabinoid receptors, which our systems already employ to regulate various functions.

The human body’s endocannabinoid system is critical for controlling brain activity, endocrine function, and immunity. The endocannabinoid system also actively contributes to releasing hormones associated with reproductive capabilities and anxiety, among other things. CBG molecules interact with cannabinoid receptors already in our bodies to boost performance and control healthy activities. There’s a lot of complex science underneath it, but in the meantime, that should give you a good idea of how CBG works and all of its potential.

Is CBG Effective for Sleep?

Man stretch his hands after waking up in bed at morning with sunlight

Melatonin is produced by your body naturally to control your sleep cycle. However, because various causes can disrupt melatonin synthesis, many supplement the substance to maintain regular sleeping patterns. So, can melatonin be even more beneficial when coupled with sleep-promoting cannabinoids like CBG? Yes, CBG will help improve your sleep. 

CBG oil is becoming more popular among those dealing with sleeplessness, anxiety, stress, or other disorders. Suppose you take a few drops of CBG oil before going to bed. It will relax your muscles, de-stress you, and allow you to sleep well. 

CBG oil will help you sleep better at night. Although CBG is beneficial for getting a good night’s sleep, the prescribed amount is essential for your health.

CBG for Sleep: Dosage Guidelines

When it comes to CBG dosage, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The results are determined by your body, the product type, the concentration of CBG, and the frequency with which you use it. To determine the optimum CBG dose for you, Hemponix specialists recommend starting with a low dose and gradually increasing to the amount that feels perfect for your desired outcomes.

What Is the Best Way to Take CBG?

CBG oil is available in several product varieties. Hemponix is committed to supplying the finest quality goods through research, development, and cultivation. We’ve developed several strains with CBG levels over 15%. Our crops are cultivated utilizing aeroponic technology, which is far more efficient than traditional techniques.

Hemponix CBG Gummies

CBG Hemponix Gummies contain 250 mg of CBG and come in a jar with ten pieces. This equates to 25 mg of CBG per serving and a THC content of 3% (or less). If you seek simplicity, convenience, and fuss-free serving sizes, Hemponix gummies are the ideal solution. Our gummies are full-spectrum, naturally flavored, vegan, and manufactured with high-pressure CO2 extracted oil, just like all Hemponix products.

Hemponix CBG Topicals

CBG oil can be used directly on the skin or infused into lotions and balms for topical use. Hemponix presents a better remedy to sleep problems without the unpleasant side effects or mental lockdown associated with THC. Hemponix’s primary product offerings are a 500 mg CBG Unscented Moisturizing Lotion and a 500 mg Fast-Acting Pain Relief Gel.

Hemponix CBG Tincture

CBG distillate and carrier oil are combined inHemponix CBG Tincture. To improve cannabis absorption, we utilize fractionated coconut oil (MCT oil). Each container contains 1000 mg of full-spectrum, which equates to 33 mg per (1ml) serving. For quick effects, place a portion of our naturally flavored strawberry tincture beneath your tongue for 30-45 seconds before ingesting.

Does CBG Oil Have Any Side Effects?

How CBG Products Can Help Improve Your Sleep - man in fatigue

While CBG is not a new component, its application in a healthy lifestyle is. Before incorporating CBG into your regimen or any wellness practice, you should conduct thorough research and cover all the fundamentals. 

That is, you must ensure that there are no side effects of the regimen you want to apply, and if there are, what they are and how you can eliminate the potential in the worst-case scenario. If you are aware of the adverse effects of any substance ahead of time, you will be able to regulate your routine more efficiently and be better prepared for what is to come.

CBG gummies may cause certain side effects in the body. Among these side effects are:

  • Fatigue

Avoid taking large amounts of CBG since they can create grogginess and weariness, becoming inescapable and losing your productivity. We recommend using CBG before going to sleep at night to allow you to relax if fatigue occurs and not lose out on your daily responsibilities.

  • Changing appetite

CBG oil is composed of several components. Some of these substances may stimulate your appetite, while others may suppress it. However, the effects will vary between people.

  • Anxiety

If you suffer anxiety after taking CBG, lowering the dose may help. If the issue persists, seek medical attention.

  • Dry mouth

The receptors in our mouths contain cannabinoid glands. Consuming CBG may impair their capacity to make saliva, resulting in dryness.

If your tolerance is low, greater dosages may induce a more active state with enhanced sensations of happiness.

The Takeaway

More study relating CBG to sleep is needed. On the other hand, anecdotal evidence speaks to CBG’s great effectiveness and safety.

If you want to purchase CBG oil, get it from a reputable source. Shop high-quality products from Hemponix. 

At Hemponix, we have fantastic hemp products straight from the farm. Get started right away! We offer something for everyone, whether you want to buy our quality CBG to aid your sleep or any of our other outstanding, organic hemp-derived goods.


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