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Can CBG Help with Arthritis?

Arthritis is a condition of inflammation and pain in one’s joints. There are over 100 types of arthritis, but each shares similar symptoms and, therefore, can be treated similarly. While many forms of arthritis are a natural side effect of aging, modern medicine can help to both slow and ease those effects over time. In the process, those with arthritis often seek to eat and live well to reduce opportunities for pain.  

CBG for arthritis is among the many recommended remedies, so it is fair to ask: “Can CBG Help with Arthritis?” We’re here to take a scientific and holistic look at the answer. In short, CBG does have several studied effects that can improve your arthritis experience, and many people have reported having an easier time with arthritis through the use of CBG. We will examine each of CBG’s known effects and how they might help with arthritis.

Arthritis, Pain, and Inflammation

In the 100 types of arthritis, the common symptoms are pain and inflammation of the joints. Inflammation is tender, which causes pain, while pain can also come from another source that causes inflammation. This can lead to chronic pain and a long-term need for pain management.

Those with arthritis often warm, wrap, or soak the aching joints in their hands, hips, or knees. 

Muscle-relaxing baths of Epsom salt or soothing steroid cream are used to ease the pain. Over-the-counter and prescribed analgesics, and pain relievers, are taken to get through the day. In this environment, more holistic approaches like healthy eating and non-psychoactive cannabinoids are a reasonable addition to a routine focused on reducing pain and daily inflammation symptoms.


What is CBG?

CBG is the activated form of the cannabinoid root molecule. CBG-A develops into THC-A and CBD-A (CBN, and so on). Trace amounts of CBG-A are often still present in the plant when maturation is complete. These traces have been studied, and a synthetic CBG has been produced using a CBD transformation based on hemp plants.

CBG is non-psychoactive and has scientifically studied therapeutic effects resembling both THC and CBD. Most CBG on the market today is a synthesized concentrate available in vapor, edibles, tinctures, and topicals. However, plants that produce higher amounts of natural CBG are also being cultivated.


The Studied Effects of CBG

Cannabigerol Benefits, blue poster in minimalistic style with infographic and cannabidiol chemical formula

When used in scientific studies, CBG has been shown to provide effects of both CBD and THC, but without the psychoactive haze. CBG interacts with both the CB2 and CB2 receptors of your endocannabinoid system. Through these receptors, many system-balancing effects may be observed. 

Your endocannabinoid system can serve to interact with your metabolism, your inflammatory response system, and your nervous system’s perception of pain. Combined, these effects suggest the beneficial potential of CBG for arthritis.


CBG as an Anti-Inflammatory

The one effect CBG has been most observed to evidence is anti-inflammatory results. CBG has been found in many studies to reduce inflammation in humans and animals. CBG products can provide local and holistic inflammation control depending on whether the concentrate is inhaled, ingested, or applied topically. CBG is a popular addition to cannabis creams for easing arthritis and athletic inflammation, which have similar symptoms under stress.

For Arthritis: CBG’s anti-inflammatory property has a natural appeal. Those who experience significant inflammation reduction may also enjoy a reduction in their arthritis symptoms. Because CBG is processed through each body differently, there have been mixed reports. However, CBG has proven anti-inflammatory properties and has become a popular ingredient in arthritis therapeutic products.


CBG Analgesic Effects

CBG has also been studied as an analgesic or pain reliever. Because cannabinoids have not been found to have long-term medical risks like Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory pain relievers, CBG for arthritis, and other cannabinoids have been considered as medical options for pain management.

This is because the endocannabinoid system connects to the nervous system, and receptors can block or limit neuropathic pain. This allows the feeling of warm pain relief even if the cause is still present.

For Arthritis: Arthritis pain is a natural part of the condition but can be relieved. CBG can become a holistic addition to an arthritis pain management routine through both topical and consumed CBG products.


CBG and Your Appetite

Lastly, CBG is known to impact your appetite. CBG has a uniquely found effect on gastrointestinal inflammation, which means that reducing that discomfort can have a powerful effect on your appetite. Combined with pain relief, CBG also has a mild appetite-stimulating effect, which can help those who have had trouble eating for some time due to discomfort or stress.

For Arthritis: Many with arthritis may struggle to eat due to discomfort and even difficulty using utensils. CBG offers some therapeutic benefits and may help you to return to enjoying your meals with less pain and a more engaged appetite.


How to Try CBG for Arthritis

CBG can be useful for your arthritis pain management routine, and many patients report that they have enjoyed the benefits. The three best ways to try CBG for arthritis are topicals, edibles, and vaping. Topicals can be applied directly to your joints, edibles become a holistic therapy, and vaping is a classic cannabis experience that may help you to relax.


CBG Topicals for Local Reduced Inflammation

CBG topicals are creams and ointments infused with concentrated CBG. The anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce inflammation and pain signals from your local joints and nerves without affecting the rest of your body. You can apply CBG topicals like a lotion during your daily joint care or soak in CBG-infused oil in the bath. All are topical applications of CBG for arthritis.


CBG Edibles for Digestive and Holistic Benefit

CBG Tincture - cbg for arthritis

Many medical cannabis users enjoy edibles the most, as they are tasty, simple, and provide a full-body effect. If eaten with other foods, edibles can also be the most long-lasting. CBG gummies and CBG Tincture are the best way to find CBG in edibles, and you can snack on one, two, or just a half based on what makes you feel best. 

For those seeking to carefully expand their arthritis pain management routine, CBG edibles are a great place to start. CBG edibles also make great gifts if you seek to help someone you know with arthritis or any other inflammation-type condition.


CBG Vape for a Therapeutic Sesh

If you enjoy cannabis and seek CBG to help with arthritis, try CBG vape. CBG concentrated oil is added to a vape carrier oil for beautiful clouds and a holistic instantly-absorbed CBG experience. CBG vaping is like enjoying edibles, but cannabis is absorbed through your respiratory system instead. This can provide CBG benefits throughout your body.

Those who enjoy smoking or vaping can easily add CBG to their routine or re-introduce the fun of clouds and vapor in a smoke-free way through CBG vaping.


Can CBG Help With Arthritis?

CBG has many beneficial effects, proven in scientific studies, that can help with arthritis. People with arthritis benefit from anti-inflammatory lifestyles, products, and pain management that goes outside of long-term pharmacology. Try CBG products for yourself and discover if CBG is the right answer to help with your arthritis – or the arthritis of someone you love.

At Hemponix, we specialize in cannabis and hemp-derived products, from engineered seeds to perfectly balanced hemp products. Contact us to learn more about CBG for arthritis.

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