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7 Characteristics of Legit CBG and CBD Products

CBD oil and cannabis leaves at white table. Medicine and cosmetic product.

There is no doubt that CBG and CBD markets are booming. The products are on a roll, and it’s not an overstatement to say CBG and CBD are rising stars for managing pain, relieving anxiety, and helping people overcome various disabilities and illnesses. CBD is the ‘holy grail’ everyone recommends today for ailments like insomnia and arthritis.

However, there is a major concern surrounding using CBG and CBD products. Although CBD is currently legal, it is not regulated by the FDA. It has no industry standards for a minimum quality threshold in a market saturated with imposter CBG and CBD formulations. This brings up the question of how to find legit CBG products and CBD for use.

Are you stressed about finding safe and effective CBG products? This guide will help you identify the right and high-quality products in the form you need from a provider you can trust. Let’s dive in!

How Prevalent Are Fake CBG And CBD Products?

A 2020 study by SC Laboratories in partnership with the United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA) released the following results:

  • Over 70% of samples failed with excessive contamination or did not qualify as hemp.
  • 43% of samples failed the safety testing compared to about 1.5% of samples that contained contaminants in the regulated market. 
  • Levels of contamination were several hundred times over allowable limits in some instances.
  • 53% of all tested samples labeled as hemp or hemp-based contained THC over the limits approved of 0.3%. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp is cannabis with no more than 0.3% THC.
  • Most tested products had levels of THC sufficient to cause psychoactive effects to the user.

From these findings, customers need to do their due diligence. It is up to you to distinguish the quality of products and only high-quality purchase products. The process will be tricky, but you can use several telltale signs to steer clear of certain items.

Characteristics of Legit CBG and CBD Products 

Here is what you should look for, what to avoid, and how to check the quality of CBG and CBD products.

1. Appearance

Legit CBG and CBD Products

For most people, what is pleasant to the eye, is pleasant to the body. Product manufacturers know that; when talking about CBD and CBG oil products, people often consider the delicious apple from afar.

Seeing the quality of CBD and CBG at first glance is possible. Generally, the tops should be green, compact, and full of trichomes visible by frozen crystals spread all over the bottle. These three visible features show you are dealing with top-quality hemp products.

The best CBG products come in amber (brown) or dark-colored bottles. UV light can easily break down compounds when the products are placed in clear or plastic bottles. Darker bottles offer more protection than clear glass.

Reputable brands will only store their hemp products in a bottle that preserves product quality, such as products that can be found at Hemponix. What’s more, plastic bottles will break down over time. It’s a risk factor for oil contamination, making glass the material of choice.

2. Aroma

Buying CBG and CBD is quite similar to regular grocery shopping for fruits, flowers, and vegetables. Suppose the CBG and CBD flowers get proper care during growth. In that case, they retain a strong scent you’ll instantly recognize if you’re familiar with cannabis.

A strong scent in the final product shows it has a sufficient amount of CBG, CBD, and terpenes. These substances arouse pleasant emotions and a general positive feeling in the human senses. 

Terpenes are responsible for the pleasant scent of freshly squeezed organs and the unique flavor of lavender and Roses. The sweet and fruity aroma of CBG and CBD flowers is an excellent indicator of quality.

3. Organic Growing Methods

Medical Marijuana Jar flower buds and weed Grinder on white background

Using pesticides and chemicals during growth can impact the overall quality of CBG and CBD products. The 2018 US Farm Bill allows for American-grown hemp in about 50 states. These come with regulations regarding the cultivation of hemp to keep the products safe and clean for consumption. 

Ensure the hemp you buy adheres to the standard of other organic produce. Being organic guarantees that the hemp does not contain traces of pesticides, fungicides, or fertilizers used in the growth. A reputable CBG and CBD product will make it easy to tell if their product is grown in the region from start to finish. If getting such information on the company’s product or websites proves difficult, look for a new company.

4. Testing Information on the Packaging

Testing Information in the Packaging

CBD manufacturers will include a third-party certificate of analysis (COA) to show that their products have passed screening for CBD, THC, and other contaminants. The COA will consist of the products’ batch number, CBG, CBD, and THC levels, and certification to indicate that the products’ levels of pesticides, metals, and solvent residues are within the allowable range.

If the manufacturers offer no information about their product testing or an outdated COA, it probably lacks the advertised ingredients. The information should also be available on the brands’ websites, or they should offer a QR code on the products that will lead you to the details for further inspection.

5. Check for Too-Good-To-Be-True Marketing Claims

Although CBG and CBD are popular in alleviating several medical conditions, more research is still needed to confirm their effectiveness and side effects. If a bottle of CBG or CBD claims to fix or cure particular issues such as anxiety or sleep problems, that’s a red flag. The FDA and the Federal Trade Commission strictly forbid manufacturers from making health claims regarding supplements like CBG and CBD.

Other scare marketing scams to be aware of include an extremely complex purchasing process or requiring you to sign up for a subscription or membership before buying a product. Always check the customer reviews on the websites before purchasing your product online.

6. Price of the Product

Everyone loves getting bargains, but in the cannabis world, a bargain may well be an indicator of a fake product. The production of CBG and CBD is expensive, making the final products costly. If a product is drastically cheaper than others, it may not have the ingredients advertised.

The prices of hemp extracts are high due to the specialized equipment and qualified staff required for the cultivation process. Cultivating hemp can be labor-intensive, with extra expenditures such as cultivation licenses and costs associated with state-specific hemp regulations. The final price will cater to the additional costs for things like third-party testing.

7. Check for Other Ingredients of the Product

Most commercial CBG and CBD products have subpar ingredients such as preservatives, sweeteners, and poor-quality oils. It is necessary to ensure the ingredients included in the product are also organic and of high quality to minimize side effects.

Beware of products that don’t list their ingredients on the packaging or bottle. This is an instant red flag that the company may be adding chemicals that have no business in the CBG oil product to improve taste and appearance.

Hemponix, the Smartest Choice

One of the best choices to make when looking for high-quality CBG and CBD hemp is visiting our online store at Hemponix. We offer quality products that you can rely on when you need high-quality and stable CBG hemp seeds.

We strive to achieve the highest quality required in the highly competitive market without risking producing high levels of THC that would disqualify the products for harvest. Visit our online shop today to check for product availability.

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