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Keith Johnson


Keith Johnson, a seasoned consultant at Hemponix, is a visionary advocate committed to revolutionizing lives through natural wellness solutions. With an extensive background in hemp and cannabinoid chemistry, Keith plays an instrumental role in driving Hemponix’s mission to deliver premium, meticulously curated products, and foster a more balanced, empowered lifestyle. His expertise spans diverse domains, including business development, engaging content creation, and strategic brand storytelling, positioning him as a trusted partner in the journey towards holistic well-being.

About the Author

Keith Johnson is the esteemed Business Owner at The Carboxyl Group, LLC and Harvest Gold Extracts, LLC, known for his diverse expertise in hemp and cannabinoid chemistry. With a rich background in electrical/electronics education from the U.S. Navy, journalism studies in FL in the 90s, and Biomedical Tech training at IUPUI between 2016 and 2019, Keith has developed a profound focus on the intricacies of the hemp industry. As a skilled professional adept in various domains, Keith’s repertoire includes writing, business development, crafting engaging content, and weaving compelling stories. With an exceptional flair for content development and direct sales, he has established his mark in web content writing and demonstrated mastery in areas such as hemp, formulation chemistry, hemp extraction, and CBD product development.

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