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An Operation with a Mission

We are farmers with a calling to use calculated genetics and science-based technology to fill the gap in the industrial hemp industry.

Our Genetics

By Growers.
For Growers.

Answering the call for a high quality and stable seed in the emerging industrial hemp industry is a challenge that we embrace with vigilance and eagerness. We’ve been in the seed industry for over 30 years. It’s safe to say that we understand the unique demands and trials of developing a seed for hemp farming. We’re well acquainted with what it takes to maintain purity, uphold industry standards, and achieve a high quality seed.

The Importance
of Our Mission

We’re seeking to provide a valuable service for the future of this crop and the hemp farming community. Our seed varieties will ensure a crop that can be harvested within regulations. As legal and political issues surrounding this plant continue to change, this will become increasingly important to farmers and growers. The hemp plant has over a hundred different cannabinoids but the full power of hemp is yet untapped. Our goal is to continue learning about and breeding new varieties of hemp to use in a variety of advantageous applications. Hemponix believes CBG is a superior cannabinoid with the potential to revolutionize the way we treat medical conditions and traumatic injuries.

Our custom-built, 5,000 sq ft facility is equivilent to over 150 field acres.

Our Family-Owned Facility

We’re located in New London, MN, amidst the agricultural heartland of southern Minnesota. Our 5,000 square foot facility was built and designed by us. We love to get our hands dirty. This approach gave us the opportunity to tailor each process in order to get it “just right”. 

Our facility uses aeroponic technology to produce crops. Aeroponics was first conceptualized by NASA to grow plants in space. Since then, it has made its way to Earth as an innovative method of hemp farming. This set up took 15 years to develop and fine-tune into what it is today. We farm vertically using computers to read and regulate every detail of the crop, including fertility, pH levels, light cycles, and environmental conditions.

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Our Leadership Team

Kevin Ortenblad


Kevin Ortenblad is a farmer that dives into new innovations and has a thirst for new technologies. Kevin is a pilot, welder, scuba diver, business owner, gunsmith, pastor, and swim coach with a passion for cultivating new opportunities. He started Hemponix as an indoor lettuce farm. They transitioned back to being in a seed industry officially in November 2020. Kevin and his wife have been in the seed industry since they started outdoor farming. They exported quality seeds to local and international markets all over the world.

Kara Elliot

Daily Operations

Kara Elliott has been with Hemponix since its conception, assisting in the transition from growing lettuce to producing hemp seeds. Kara is the Green Thumb of the operation. She carries out the daily operations including collecting pollen, flipping plants from female to male, and making hybrids. 

We are farmers with a calling to use genetics & science to provide reliable, high quality means to cultivate this incredible plant.

We hope you join us!

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