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A Guide to Traveling with Legal Hemp Products

Holiday travel is right around the corner. Many people are already booking flights to see family, especially those who can work remotely from a laptop. While this is a great time for travel plans, you may also be anxious about the trip that has you reaching for your favorite hemp products. 

CBD and other hemp-derived products are often used to handle the kind of nerves you get on a plane – or visiting relatives. But how will the TSA respond? Can you bring legal hemp products on a plane? If so, what is the best way to travel with legal hemp products? 

We’re here to answer all of the most important hemp product questions when it comes to airplanes and travel.

Legal Considerations of Air-Travel with Hemp Products

Financial concept meaning Federal Law with inscription on the page.

Traveling in an airplane, you are almost certainly crossing state lines. This means that federal laws regarding cannabis and hemp apply. However, it would be best if you also considered the legality of hemp products at your destination. Over 1/5 of our 50 states have banned or restricted some specific hemp products like Delta-8 and HHC, and traveling internationally will require adherence to the law in your destination nation.

Hemp Products are Legal Under Federal Law

First and foremost, hemp products with below 0.3% THC are legal by federal law. Some states have specifically included isomers like Delta-8 and HHC, but federal law does not make this distinction. Traveling with federally legal hemp products will fly almost anywhere in the states. Just be careful about your content.

Know Your Destination State Laws

If legal hemp products are available for purchase in your state, then you’re good for your starting location. However, the laws of your destination also matter. You want to avoid touching down with an illegal substance where you have arrived. 

There are twelve states that have banned Delta-8 and seven states that have restricted HHC. But if you don’t have either (or less than 0.3%), then you are almost assuredly in the clear.

International Travel with Hemp Products

If you are traveling internationally, you can leave the country with legal hemp products, but know the laws when you arrive. An increasing number of European states and other locations are expanding to accept medical or personal CBD, but don’t risk misunderstanding foreign cannabis laws.


What the TSA Says About Traveling with Legal Hemp Products

Transportation Security Administration Guide to traveling with Legal hemp Products

Can you get through the TSA with legal hemp products? Yes! In 2019, the TSA adapted its policies to allow CBD oil and other certain cannabis-infused products that are hemp-based and federally legal.

The TSA and Federal Law Align

  • The most important thing to know is that the TSA tries to adhere to federal laws. This means that <0.3% THC hemp products are legal. Of course, the TSA always retains discretion on what to confiscate. Still, if you have clearly labeled legal hemp products that do not appear to be a threat, you will likely get through.

The TSA Now Allows CBD Oil

  • The TSA has specifically said that it permits CBD oil on flights. This change went into effect to permit a CBD seizure medicine, Epidiolex, to travel with patients on flights.

Carry-On and Checked Bags

  • Traveling with legal hemp products, you can pack your hemp into your carry-on or checked bags.

Vape Batteries are Carry-On Only

  • Like most battery-powered devices, vape batteries for legal hemp products should only be packed in your carry-on. Because the cargo hold of a plane can reach extreme temperatures, this can prevent a battery explosion.

Liquids vs. Solids

  • Lastly, the TSA maintains its policy on the size of liquids you can pack into carry-on or luggage. So, liquid-based CBD adheres to the same rules.


The Best Hemp Products for Air Travel

Are you looking for the best hemp products for travel? We have three solid tips that will help you pack the right CBD supplies to make it comfortably through your flight.

CBD Edibles for In-Flight Anxiety

The best hemp products for air travel are edibles. Gummies, chocolates, or baked goods; take your pick. These solids will make it through security and may be used to help with in-flight anxiety. If you are a nervous flier, have a delicate stomach, or have worse pains in an airplane seat, a packet of CBD snacks is your best bet.

Travel-Sized Hemp Topicals

For aches where you prefer to apply a hemp topical, just bring a travel-sized pack. Little rollers and ointment tubes can help you bring along your most relieving hemp products without raising any flags with the TSA. Bought it in a big container? Pick up a pack of TSA-sized empty bottles.

Many people repack things like hand cream or cleansers in the same way. Just remember to put it all in your liquids sandwich baggy.

Below-0.3% THC – Always

Delta 9 40mg Concentrate Bottle

Lastly, double-check all your products to make sure that they are below 0.3% THC (or its isomers). Some blends starting with hemp products will add more THC or Delta-8, so check your destination laws and content percentages.


Tips for Air Traveling with Legal Hemp Products

As experienced cannabis travelers, we have a few friendly tips to help you pack and relax when air traveling with legal hemp products.

Pop a Hemp Gummy When You Arrive at the Airport

Most people find airports stressful, and cannabis can usually help. Popping a single CBD gummy when you arrive at the airport can save you headaches and help you relax in the security line without fogging your mind when it comes time to find your terminal. If you’re worried about body aches in the airliner seat, pop another gummy after you are seated.

Keep the Labels Attached

The TSA does no on-site testing, and they rely on labels alone. So, keep the labels on. Make sure they are clearly visible and undamaged. You can also print a copy of the brand’s last published product testing.

Know How to Point Out the CBD/THC Content Quickly

Not all TSA agents know how to read hemp product labels, so be prepared to help out. Have already examined the labels and know where to point to the guaranteed minimum THC content.

Pack Your Vape Battery In Your Carry-on

When packing, always put your vape battery (mod box, vape pens, vape device) into your carry-on. While you cannot vape in the airport or on the plane (unless you find a smoking lounge), this protects your battery from exploding in the hold from extreme temperatures.

Skip the Hemp-Based Beverages

If you want a hemp beverage, bring a dry mix and ask for ice water. Otherwise, leave your favorite CBD sodas at home or drink them quickly before entering the security line. Beverage-sized bottles are not security-approved, no matter the contents.

Pack Extras with Other Medication

If you want to pack many hemp products, pack them with your other medications. Include bags of gummies or large-jar topicals in your luggage next to your allergy meds, prescription medication, and any medical devices you may have. If the TSA searches your things, this will look normal instead of trying to hide a stash.


Traveling with Legal Hemp Products or Order Ahead

If you are planning air travel in the near future, we know how stressful that can be. Fortunately, you can actually fly with federally legal hemp products. Hemponix is proud to offer various products that will safely pack in your luggage or help you get through a tough flight. Or, if you don’t want the hassle, you can even order hemp products to meet you at your destination by using the address of your host or hotel.

We are always honored to make a trip more enjoyable, relaxing, and stress-free for everyone. Contact Hemponix to find out more about travel-ready legal hemp products.

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